Best Essential Oils for Back Pain – Top 5 List

Best Essential Oils for Back Pain

Generally, the catch-all phrase “back pain” refers to any that affects the upper, middle or lower part of the back as well at the areas along the sciatic nerve, extending through the buttocks and down each leg. There are a great many causes of back pain, ranging from acute injury to degenerative diseases affecting discs, to nerve problems, to muscular issues to arthritis and so much more. Back pain can be related to sudden trauma, disease or illness, occupational hazards and much more. Unfortunately for many people, there is no easy fix for consistent back pain, and short of surgery or other invasive or expensive procedures, pain medication and physical therapy may be some of the only options available. While there is little doubt that healthy physical activity can be incredibly useful in individuals with back pain; regular medication use, especially in situations where pain is chronic, is not ideal for everyone. In these cases, natural options may be sought out, including the use of essential oils for back pain.

While it may sound silly on the surface, natural healing methods can be incredibly effective. In terms of back pain, one way this may be proven is through the relationship of stress and chronic pain. One of the most well known of all essential oils uses is aromatherapy for stress relief and relaxation. In individuals where chronic back pain is exacerbated by persistent stress, using essential oils for back pain indirectly in this way may be successful.

There are other reasons why using essential oils for back pain may be practical. Throughout history, plant oils have been celebrated for their various healing qualities, of which pain and inflammation relief remained some of the most revered. Regardless of the underlying cause of back pain, some essential oils may be useful in any case because of their generalized use in reducing pain and swelling, common symptoms of a wide variety of conditions affecting the back. Additional ways in which essential oils for back pain may be useful include muscle relaxant properties, tissue rebuilding and circulation enhancement to promote prompter healing. Our favorite five can be found below, but before using topically in a massage or internally, consult a doctor for safety and make sure they are therapeutic grade first.

1. White Fir Oil: This is a much well known oil and it’s a genuine shame because it’s amongst the best for muscle related discomfort, according to many in the alternative healing community. It’s thought to provide general pain relief from relaxing muscles and reducing associated pain, and with professional advice, may be applied topically with a carrier oil near the affected area and either massaged in or complemented with a hot compress.

2. Cypress Oil: Though considered only an alternative theory, it’s believed in the natural healing community that increased circulation may help damaged tissues heal faster. There may be some logic to this as improving the movement of oxygen rich blood throughout the body may be able to promote some healing benefits. Cypress, in this regard, is considered one of the best essential oils for back pain where there is a physiological cause or damage, and its best applied in massage in a clockwise circular motion for the biggest benefit to blood flow.

3. Wintergreen Oil: This particular natural agent is considered one of the best healers in nature by many in the alternative healing community, and it should not’ therefore be surprising to find that it’s an ingredient in many topical pain relievers. Because it’s pain relieving properties are incredibly general, wintergreen is one of the best essential oils for back pain, and it’s thought by many to provide the same pain relieving power as over the counter topicals that incorporate the natural oil.

4. Yarrow Oil: Many essential oils boast multiple properties, and in terms of anti inflammatory agents, a vast majority of them are also associated with analgesic properties. Yarrow is among a smaller group of anti inflammatory essential oils that might help to not only relieve swelling, but reduce muscle spasms too. In persons largely affected by this symptom set, yarrow may be one of the best essential oils for back pain available.

5. Ginger Oil: Most people don’t think about ginger as a pain reliever, but a soak in a warm bath laced with a couple of drops may be able to help not only relieve some back pain but also help improve mobility, too. Ginger is also an excellent choice amongst essential oils for back pain because it’s easily combined with other popular oils like cardamom and wintergreen for furthered benefits.