Best Essential Oils for Alcoholism – Top 5 List

Essential Oils for Alcoholism

Alcoholism today is generally regarded as a disease that can get progressively worse over time. People with alcoholism have problems controlling how much alcohol they drink, how often they drink and may also encounter symptoms associated with not drinking alcohol, which is referred to as withdrawal symptoms. Just what causes alcoholism may vary from person to person, but often it is a combination of psychological, physical, social and environmental issues that contribute to the formation of the disease. Some people may be even more susceptible than others to develop alcoholism because ingestion may actually alter chemical balances within the brain, distorting judgment and affecting the pleasure centers in the brain. This may make affected individuals more likely to desire the way alcohol makes them feel. Treating alcoholism is often a long process that involves support from health care professionals and family and friends. Counseling, medications and more are often required for successful outcome. Natural approaches are becoming more popular when used in conjunction with healthy lifestyle changes to help increase the odds of success, including the use of essential oils for alcoholism, the use of which may have numerous benefits to persons suffering from alcoholism.

No natural remedy can immediately cure alcoholism. This is especially true because the causes of alcohol or the reasons why a person has come to depend on alcohol can vary greatly from person to person. For some, alcohol helps relieve feelings of sadness. For others, alcohol helps them not to think about things that upset them or are bothering them. Because of this, using essential oils for alcoholism may help provide therapeutic support by increasing feelings of well being. In fact, throughout history essential oils uses have included whole body tonic effects and many are thought to provide a healthy energy boost, calming and relaxing effects and promotion of an overall feeling of well being. Reducing stress is an important part of treating alcoholism for many people, and other popular natural methods include yoga, acupuncture and meditation. Essential oils for alcoholism may complement these natural therapy choices, and the best five to consider can be found below.

1. Ginger Oil: Though many of the effects associated with alcoholism are psychological, the body itself takes a tremendous physical toll from excessive and regular consumption of alcohol, particularly the liver. Exciting recent studies have found that ginger essential oil actually does demonstrate some hepatoprotective abilities, likely through antioxidant properties. These studies were limited to lab rats, but suggest that in time, ginger may be granted the title of one of the best essential oils for alcoholism related physiological damage.

2. Black Pepper Oil: One of the greatest challenges in overcoming alcoholism for many people is the period of detoxification, where the true physical nature of addiction becomes abundantly apparent. It has been suggested that black pepper essential oil can have tremendously beneficial detoxification benefits in some people both by stimulating extra sweat and urine output, although these claims related to black pepper’s detoxification benefits amongst essential oils for alcoholism will need further research to prove.

3. Fennel Oil: Fennel is another essential oil associated with detoxification and many using it for these purposes take it in capsule form. Although unproven by science, fennel essential oil is purported to cleanse the body right down to the tissues which if substantiated could indeed make it one of the most powerful essential oils for alcoholism.

4. Lemon Oil: Modern medicine and alternative healing do not always operate on the same wavelength and when it comes to human energy and auras, this is especially true. However, many believers in some types of alternative healing believe that lemon essential oil is one of the most important essential oils for alcoholism because it actually can inhibit the genetic marker from an affected person’s aura or a person in which alcoholism runs in their family. It will likely be challenging to prove this theory to say the least but if nothing else, lemon certainly has a role in soothing and calming aromatherapy which may be very useful in relieving anxiety related to alcohol withdrawal.

5. Lavender Oil: By far and away one of the most popular of all essential oils used in aromatherapy, lavender is no less valuable in helping relieve stress and anxiety that can be related to alcoholism. Not only is this possibly useful in treatment; for some people, aromatherapy using lavender essential oil may be able to help relieve some of the psychological stress at the root of the alcohol addiction itself. For these reasons, with more research lavender may prove to be one of the most important essential oils for alcoholism both from a prevention and treatment standpoint.